John Comstock

Motivational Speaker, Leader, and Author

John Comstock was the last student pulled out alive when the 59-foot, 2-million pound Aggie Bonfire fell in November of 1999. Today, he is a motivational speaker, leader, and author of the upcoming book, "The Story of the 13th Man" available for purchase soon.

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Motivational Speaker, Leader, and Author of "The Story of the 13th Man"

John Comstock, who was tying in logs on the fourth stack when the 59-foot structure collapsed in November of 1999, was the last student pulled alive from the 2-million pound Aggie Bonfire stack. After almost seven hours under the jumbled logs, he was rushed to the hospital where he was considered the most seriously injured of the 27 hurt in the accident.

Today, he is a motivational speaker, leader and author of the upcoming book, "The Story of the 13th Man."

In the News

Sitting in a wheelchair, John Comstock said he could be bitter about the Bonfire collapse that stole the feeling from both his legs, but it would be "a waste of my energy."

"The Survivors," on My Aggie Nation

Comstock nearly died in surgery three times that night. His fate seemed so certain that Texas A&M prepared a news release — dated Nov. 29, 1999, on letterhead — announcing his death. Comstock framed it.

"The Thirteenth Man", on Austin American-Statesman

Unlike the bonfire, John Comstock remains on the A&M campus. In his own way, he is just as determined as the Aggie students who keep the bonfire alive despite the obvious dangers.

"Tradition Endures but Memories Linger", on Dallas Morning News

He has lived through a singular experience at Texas A&M: The destruction of one of the most revered Aggie traditions altered his body forever. He was the focus of national news coverage as doctors said it was a miracle he survived. Anniversaries of the collapse drew the press back to his doorstep year after year...

"11 Years in the Making", on My Aggie Nation

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John Comstock

From the Author

John A. Comstock

I've had to overcome a wide variety of obstacles in my life. I strive to maintain a positive attitude while meeting the challenges put before me. My ultimate goal is to help others achieve the same in their lives by telling my story.


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